Apart from the furniture and the household electrical appliances, we are glad to provide you, for your free use, with:

  • Bicycles, which you can use for offroad wood trips or on the roads to the enchanting places of the area. We recommend you prudence and moderate speed to avoid accidents and to better enjoy the landscape.

  • A charcoal barbecue, for fantastic barbecues overlooking the Val di Chiana.

  • Wood, that you can for the barbecue or for the wood oven.


We would also like to point out other opportunities that will allow you to use your time at best and to fully enjoy the surrounding areas:

  • The “A cook at home” service gives you the opportunity to taste some of the best dishes of the Tuscan and Umbrian cuisine directly in Rasina house. The food will be cooked and delivered by Cristina and Claudia, who create natural dishes by following the seasonality of the ingredients and through the use of the freshest and strictly local products. Cristina and Claudia will offer you a special experience that will make you appreciate the scents and flavours that belong to the Umbro-Tuscan cuisine.

  • An english and italian speaking guide, that can take you and guide you to the places of highest historical, natural and touristic interest. If you wish to visit the most interesting places in the area such as: panoramic sites, monuments, etruscan tombs, ancient oil mills, etc. we can suggest you an expert graduated guide. She will take you with her kindness and competence to the sites you prefer to visit.