Rasina and Molbena lie at the border of a big mountain territory full of woods overlooking the Val di Chiana. This placing confers a wealth of fauna and vegetation.

If you go by foot or on bicycle the many path surrounding the houses, you will find the fields and the terraces created by man during the centuries and that were once used to cultivate wheat, corn, oats, tobacco, vineyards, olive trees and many other cultivations. Today, on the hill side are left almost only olive trees, vineyards, vegetable plots and fruit trees.

However, the richness in the fauna is still significant: with a bit of luck you can see some of the several animal species living in these woods:
Fox Squirrel Badger Weasel Deer Roe deer Wild boar (plenty of) Hare Porcupine Wolf (very rare and only passing) ...and many others.
Moreover, you could see (and hear) many varieties of birds.

If you see any of these animals, please do not do anything else than watch them and take a picture of them!